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Outfit Meeting Notes - 30th June 2015

We had a fun get together and discussed various outfit related topics last night.

Some changes were agreed and enacted.

Firstly, apologies Mofo and Halo didn't attend but we'll catch up with them soon enough, muwaha.

We now have new Community and Teamspeak ranks starting with our glorious leader or should I say Founder (Mephizto), Trustee (Jack Herrer, Elbifo, Bosbos, Lightbrigade, Mofo and Halo when I see them next in TS), Veteran (Sanguy, Tristan, and other loyal long term members), Maniac (new members Bunnji and others) and Visitor (Aggy, Dota 2 occupants).

Trustees are veteran members that have volunteered to help the community in some way whether it be in Planetside 2, with the forum/website or teamspeak or competitive events and inter outfit diplomacy.

If I'm on the MACS TS and I see you without a community rank I will assign you one. If we know each other then you're probably a veteran, if not then a maniac.

Oh and as you can see by this updated article a certain Lightbrigade character now has access to editing the website and forums plus Teamspeak server rights. Expect PS2 and community events, straw polls to be posted soon. 

Other topics the attendees spoke of included Macs v Macs scrims, Headshot / Aim training given by Aggy and Sightilicious (they'll deny this of course), Links to Youtube vids, a countdown timer for the next event, online / realtime chat research and talks about War Thunder and the new open beta of World of Warships.

Ok I'm done typing for now, I want to see if this actually works and people can read it.

Thanks for reading and see you at the next meeting hopefully,


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